1. We Know the Market — We have all the tools & latest technology to keep up-to-date in our ever changing real estate market. We can help guide you through all the ins & outs along the way.

2. The Confusing World of Finance — We can assist you in understanding the financing of a home. From applying for a mortgage, to loan estimates & closing disclosures, we can help explain this sometimes confusing process.

3. Experience — We have the skills and experience necessary to negotiate the best price for a property. We bring objectivity to the buying transaction, and we can help identify advantages and disadvantages to a particular home.

4. Excellent Source of Information — We have general & specific knowledge about the community such as schools, shopping & entertainment. We can give you tips on Home Warranty options & Homeowners Insurance when the time comes.

5. Protecting Your Best Interests — We have a great responsibility to your best interests. This includes loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure, and dealing honestly. We can provide that peace of mind.

6. The Price is Right! — As a buyer, our commission is paid by the seller. You get our professional services for FREE!